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Upgrade kit for early versions of Dinghy Rings FLEX. This kit convert your old Dinghy Rings FLEX to the 2nd generation FLEX. 


Replaces the old 90 mm white EVA wheels and the grey plastic bushings. This 2nd generation wheel is harder and more stable with its built in bushing.


If you have the very early version of the wheels (110 mm)  that are either black or white with round holes, you'll need a new middle pipe as well. If your middle pipe is 115 mm från the bracket to the end of the pipe it's compatible. If your middle pipe is 135 mm from the bracket to the pipe end, you need a new middle pipe. Contact us for a discount on that part. 


Inlcuded in the upgrade kit:

2x Bumper wheel 2nd gen, EVA foam

1x Set of straps

Bumper Wheel upgrade kit (FLEX)

VAT Included

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