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With Dinghy Carrier you can add boating to you mobile lifestyle. You easily bring your inflatable dinghy with you on the road. And launch the dinghy in a sec and can reach the water within minutes. It's a way to combine fishing and boating to the recreational vehicle lifestyle. Dinghy Carrier needs to be fastened to a 50 mm towbar. It supports inflatable dinghies up to 50 kilos and 2.8 meters. It's adjustable in width to fit dinghies of different sizes. It's developed for recreational vehicles but can be used at a regular car for short distance transport as well as on a caravan, with an extra 50 mm ball. When the vehicle is higher than the dinghy, normal highway speed is ok. If the dinghy is more than 30 cm higher than the vehicle, a maximum speed of 50 km/h is recommended and only short distance transport.




Make sure the number plate is visable and that the rear lights can be seen from behind the vehicle.


Dinghy Carrier is a patented Swedish innovation, developed and produced in Sweden/Germany.

If your not sure to buy Dinghy Carrier, picture this: You park your motor-home by the lake. It’s a warm, sunny afternoon and the lake is mirror-like. All you can hear are the birds and the splashes from the fishes. At the rear of your vehicle an inflated dinghy is standing in the Dinghy Carrier, ready to launch.

Dinghy Carrier

kr3,990.00 Regular Price
kr2,990.00Sale Price
VAT Included
  • Package weight: 8 kgs
    Package size: 800x400x100 mm
    Dinghy pontoon c/c distance: 97-127 cm
    Dinghy width approximately: 132-172 cm
    Dinghy recommended max length: 280 cm
    Max load: 50 kgs
    Max speed: 120 km/h (50 km/h if dinghy is higher than car)
    Material: Stainless steel pipes AISI 316L 30/25 mm. Powder coated steel joint for 50 mm towball.
    Application: Is attached to a 50 mm towball on a vehicle with a one-hand quick fit.

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