Pontoon LINK makes an inflatable dinghy with flat or domed pontoon endings compatible with Dinghy Rings. It's made from PVC for easy and safe mounting on a PVC dinghy. 

Included: Two Pontoon LINKs

Materials and tools needed: Acetone or PVC Primer (e.g. Polymarine 2903) PVC 2-component adhesive (e.g. Polymarine 3026) Hypalon 2-component adhesive (only if the boat is made of Hypalon) Brush, Pen, Cloth, Soft edge scraper

Important: Find out if your dinghie is made of PVC or Hypalon. Before starting to glue, note that your workplace must be well ventilated, hot and dry, 18-25 degrees C. If the air is damp, the glue can not be used. Do not use any open flame, as solvents are highly flammable. Do not use any adhesive that has been mixed for more than 4 hours. Do not use sandpaper on PVC fabrics. If you have a Hypalon boat, the contact surfaces of the pontons shall be easily sanded with sandpaperand primed with 2-component Hypalon adhesive. You will then apply a thinlayer of Hypalon adhesive as a primer and allow it to dry. Then you apply PVC glue on top of that.


Installation Manual Pontoon LINK

Pontoon LINK

VAT Included
  • Package weight: 1 kgs
    Package size: 250x200x150 mm
    Max load (incl outboard): 50 kgs
    Material: PVC
    Application: LINK is glued to the dinghy pontoon end with 2-component PVC adhesive.

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