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© 2016-2020 Dinghy Rings Sweden

We enjoy boating. And we like to keep it simple. Our mission is to make you get the most pleasure out of your holiday at sea. In a safe way. 

Many years of boating experience with the family has taught us this – things need to work smooth at sea and in harbour. With Dinghy Rings you don’t have to make those heavy lifts, struggle with inflating and deflating the dinghy or worry about annoying other boat owners. Instead you can focus on the more important matters and enjoy a pleasant summer. 
Dinghy Rings Sweden aims to influence people not only by its rotating fold up davit. We want to create healthy business relationships built on trust, honesty and joyfulness. It may sound flourish, but Dinghy Rings and its suppliers will strive to contribute to a more equal and fair society in all parts of the world where we operate.



Dinghy Rings FLEX

Hangs at transom.

Needs no installation. Demountable, adjustable, floats.

Drawing only Dinghy Rings FLEX.jpg


Dinghy Rings BOLD

For wide swim platforms. Adjustable and detachable, rings and arc.

Drawing only Dinghy Rings BOLD.jpg


Dinghy Rings SLIM

For small swim steps. Adjustable, detachable rings, space for ladder. 

Drawing only Dinghy Rings SLIM.jpg


Pontoon LINK

Makes flat ended dinghies compatible with Dinghy Rings. PVC.